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Certain people are unwilling to accept things the way they are. They feel a sense of mission to create change.
Staying silent is not a choice. It’s a calling, or a personal destiny.
And yet, very few extraordinary achievers feel truly “fulfilled”.


It remains a problem.... A big one.


Most people think that pushing to the limit is the way to achieve… The truth is that we do our best work when we feel energised.

Most people think that failure should be avoided at all cost… The truth is, if you’re not willing to fail, you’ll never know just how good things can be.

Most people think that the more successful they become, the easier life will get… The truth is, that the more successful you become, the more you feel like an imposter.

Most people think that the choices that define our lives are limited by our circumstances… The truth is, we get to create our life however we choose it.

It's possible that there has never been a better time to be alive. The opportunity to live and succeed in a vibrant world is happening right now. 

And yet, the challenges we face as a human race have never been so complex. We are living through a period where our physical survival is rarely in danger. Instead, our challenge to thrive in a modern world can be all consuming and overwhelming.

The pressure to thrive and achieve is becoming increasingly intense. It’s easy to convince ourselves that we have little control over our life experience.

But that’s not true. We always have a choice.

Most people live a “Reported-On Life”. A life full of excuses. A life that happens to them.


A few people learn to live a “Created Life”. A life full of possibility. A life that is created by them. 


A “Reported-On Life” is about reacting to circumstances. Life happens and you show up passively and react to its ups and downs. I don’t like my job…. My partner doesn’t appreciate me…. I wasn’t born to be an achiever…


A “Created Life” is one where you choose how you will respond, despite the circumstances. A Created Life begins with you stopping to think about your life. A Created Life begins with the words you choose to describe your world. You take control of your destiny.


A “Created Life” begins with mastery of three essential characteristics. They represent the three big “C’s” in our life.


Knowing who we are is hard. No-one taps us on the shoulder and tells us who we are as child. The journey to knowing who we are is achieved mostly through process of elimination. It requires us to get out and experience life… to really live. The exploration can be fun, but all too often we find ourselves clinging on to things that hold us back from living our truth.

As Matthew McConaughey puts it…. “Get rid of the excess, the wasted time. Decrease your options. If you do this, you will have accidentally, almost innocently put in front of you what is important to you by process of elimination.”


Most people confuse courage as the absence of fear. We’ve yet to meet an individual who does not experience fear. We don’t believe such a person exists. People who accomplish astonishing feats speak in great detail of the fear they regularly feel. What sets them apart is that they don’t allow fear to hold them back. The feel fear but they take action in spite of the fear.

We are all destined to face the things we fear the most at some point in our life. What are you afraid of? What are you really afraid of? James F. Byrnes observed, “Too many people are thinking of security instead of opportunity. They seem to be more afraid of life than death.”


We are anthologically conditioned to play small with our lives. It makes sense. For most of human history, standing up or speaking out could literally kill us. In certain parts of the world, that is still true today. But for many of us, the risk of physical danger when we speak up does not exist. But we instinctively turn away from any kind of disapproval. We talk a big game until someone criticises our idea, or say’s “No” to a proposal. The sad truth is that most of us give up in search of our destiny way too soon.

To accomplish extraordinary things requires commitment. You need to be willing to struggle. You need to be prepared to try new things, and to fail. You need to commit to mastery.

We Believe


You were put here for a reason, and your mission – if you choose to accept it – is to find that reason and fulfil it.

Is this you?

Your created life awaits

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What others say about us...


I don't really know where to start to describe what an impact Stevie has had on me.

There is just something magical about being around him - the instant I step in to a conversation with him I truly know I am exactly where I need to be in that moment. It is so subtle and yet so powerful - the way he holds a space for you to truly take the time to look at the possibilities within your own life.

Sometimes it feels like he doesn't even know the impact he has had - it feels like this beautiful subtle soft yet strong power comes from the huge amount of personal work that he has done in order to be able to support and guide others on their own personal vision.

If you get a chance to even have just one conversation with Stevie - then grab it! You will get everything that you need.


I was fortunate to have been introduced to Stevie a few months ago after having struggled with some personal issues in my life.

I thought that a few chats with Stevie might be able to put me back on course however what actually happened was infinitely more incredible.

Through a programme of coaching, I have managed to break down, brick by brick, the wall that I had unknowingly put around myself over the course of my life, and not only rebuild myself and frame of mind, but learn to remove limitations. This has opened me up to all possibilities, and am now pursuing ambitious ventures that I would have only thought possible in my dreams a few months ago.

Stevie is a fascinating and engaging personality, and I am very grateful that our paths have crossed