Life around us is happening faster and faster


It's easy to lose sight of what we really want.

Although we might not always see it, each of us have complete control over our future experience. We are the creators of our destiny. There are two very different paths we will choose for ourselves.

A "Reported On" Life

This is the path your life will take if you assume you have no control. Most people live a "Reported On" Life. A life full of excuses. A life that happens to them.

A Reported On Life is about reacting to circumstances. Life happens and you show up passively and react to its ups and downs.

A Created Life

A Created Life is one where you take ownership of your circumstances. And then you choose how you respond.

A Created Life begins with thinking about your life. A Created Life begins with the words you choose to describe your world, instead of the world happening to you.

We all want to be successful. We all try to live inspired lives. Motivated people want to do their best work. So we work a lot. We want to excel at our craft, and to earn enough to feel secure.

We're taught to think that pushing to the limit is the way to achieve. We become numb to the late nights, the morning guilt, & our forgotten dreams.

Of course, no-one sets out to be unhappy or fatigued. But it remains a problem... A Big One!

What makes change so difficult?

Reminders of our unlived dreams are frequent visitors. We create stories to satisfy our guilt. Stories like... "I'll do everything I want to do once I've saved up enough money to feel untouchable."

But we don't really believe our stories. We see them for what they are. Excuses.

The alternative is to actually do something about it. To step out from underneath the blanket of comfort we have created, and step into our truth.

We might begin with a cocouple of baby steps. It's a scary world we are moving into.

And, when we try to be the person we were born to be, to live the life that is big enough for us, to fulfill our poetntial in life, we invariably encounter the same three problems.

  1. Clarity – Most of us have no clue what we should be doing. We rarely slow down enough to connect with our intuition.
  2. Courage – Brené Brown says the only thing guaranteed when you step into the arena is that you will get your ass kicked. We’re conditioned to avoid ass kicking’s at all cost. We do everything we possibly can to play small and avoid standing out.
  3. Commitment – When we try to change, others don’t like it. Like crabs in a bucket, they do everything they can to pull us back into the world of limitation that they are familiar with. So we appease them. And we quit. We give up the life we are capabale of.

We Believe


You were put here for a reason, and your mission – if you choose to accept it – is to find that reason and fulfil it.

Is this you?

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What others say about us...


I don't really know where to start to describe what an impact Stevie has had on me.

There is just something magical about being around him - the instant I step in to a conversation with him I truly know I am exactly where I need to be in that moment. It is so subtle and yet so powerful - the way he holds a space for you to truly take the time to look at the possibilities within your own life.

Sometimes it feels like he doesn't even know the impact he has had - it feels like this beautiful subtle soft yet strong power comes from the huge amount of personal work that he has done in order to be able to support and guide others on their own personal vision.

If you get a chance to even have just one conversation with Stevie - then grab it! You will get everything that you need.


I was fortunate to have been introduced to Stevie a few months ago after having struggled with some personal issues in my life.

I thought that a few chats with Stevie might be able to put me back on course however what actually happened was infinitely more incredible.

Through a programme of coaching, I have managed to break down, brick by brick, the wall that I had unknowingly put around myself over the course of my life, and not only rebuild myself and frame of mind, but learn to remove limitations. This has opened me up to all possibilities, and am now pursuing ambitious ventures that I would have only thought possible in my dreams a few months ago.

Stevie is a fascinating and engaging personality, and I am very grateful that our paths have crossed