Does this sound like you?

You are talented

You are powerful

You are ambitious

You want more

You’re not like most people.

Smalltalk does very little for you. You are drawn to deeper conversation.

You do your best to fit in.

You pursue your goals and ambitions. When you achieve them, you briefly stop to celebrate. Then you quickly move on to the next thing.

You figure things out quickly.

You can make complex tasks appear simple. It’s easy for you.

You see the funny side of life.

Others are attracted to your kindness and wit. You’ve learned not to take life too seriously.


And yet, behind your laughter and the glowing admiration of your peers, something is missing. You have a massive desire for greater challenge in your life. The truth is… you will never be ok with “ok”.

Through my work and travels, I’ve learned that there are five characteristics that all high achievers possess. These traits may speak to you. They may define you.

But there’s a catch to your thinking. While they may have helped you to get where you are, they are now the very thing holding you back from reaching the next level.

What got you here, won't get you there!

1. You are results focused.

Few others produce what you can. Your vision leads you to fascinating places. You have a habit of creating solutions when the odds are against you. You’re unsure by how you get there. Producing top results comes easy for you. You have a low threshold for mediocre performance.

2. You stand for your limitations.

Humility is attractive. That’s what you were told, or at least what you believe. You go about your business quietly. You don’t put your achievements on display. That’s for other people to do. Instead of highlighting your successes you’re more likely to obsess over your mistakes. It helps you relate to others. It helps you to feel safe.

3. You work hard for your results.

Nothing has been handed to you. You’ve learned how to dig deep, and how to get creative. You can rely on your stamina to outperform others. And yet, you are quietly terrified that if you don’t work yourself to burnout, all your success will come crashing down around you. So, you work harder and longer. It's your deafult mode.

4. You downplay what you really want.

You instinctively take care of others. You rarely say 'No' when asked to do something. You regularly sacrifice your personal desires. But this often leaves you feeling flat or burned out. Your biggest challenge is setting firm boundaries with others.

5. You hold back your best.

Secretly, you know how powerful you are. Your peers are astonished by what you achieve. Their questions make you uncomfortable. You struggle to articulate how you do what you do. At times you want to blend in. So, you hold something back. You’ve mastered the art of flying under the radar.

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