Does this sound like you?


Your greatest fear is failing to live up to YOUR FULLEST POTENTIAL


We understand...

You are in the right place.

And you have everything you need to live an extraordinary life.


The biggest challenge you face today is being all that you are capable of. That means putting yourself out there in a way that might feel terrifying.


Tell us if we're right....

You are successful in the eyes of others and part of you wants to pretend that you're satisfied?

You've always played by the rules and done what you thought was the right thing. But you have a massive itch... right?


The decision you're faced with....


Remain in your comfort zone, or grasp the opportunity to become the extraordinary visionary that you are, both personally & professionally.


We are just like you. We work with people just like you. Through our work, we have identified ten traits of aspiring leaders. These traits propel you to greatness, while simultaneously holding you back. What got you through your toughest days, is now the very thing standing in your way.


1) You don’t tolerate mediocre.

Your unwillingness to accept anything that doesn’t meet the high standard you have set is both a blessing and a curse. As Jen Sincero wrote, “Time wasted rationalising the mediocre could be spent creating the magnificent.”

2) You have a powerful story.

Somewhere along your journey you have experienced setback, struggle, and unimaginable pain that few would have survived. Your story is your best kept secret.

3) You keep your greatest strengths in reserve.

Because you have been hurt, playing small has become second nature. You feel much more comfortable keeping your head just below water.

4) You secretly know you’re destined for greatness.

In spite of the setbacks and your inclination to play safe, you KNOW that you have a magical gift that will impact the life of others.

5) You stand for what you believe in... often alone.

For as long as you can remember, your voice has been silenced. You feel alone. All your life you have been waiting for someone to say… “I see you. I hear you. I believe in you.”

6) You hold a powerful vision.

You see something that no-one else can. A solution to one of humanity’s greatest challenges is in you.

7) You are a frustrated genius.

Vocalising your frustration to others feels like a betrayal to any good fortune that has come your way. You pretend as though you’re more content than you actually are.

8) Your work is never done.

You have overcome amazing odds to produce phenomenal results. Being fully prepared for the next hurdle to jump over has always been your priority.

9) You cling on to what you have.

Your default is to grasp hold of what you have, even though it may not serve you any longer. Relationships, jobs, & savings become symbolic to your mindset of scarcity.

10) You rarely feel fully satisfied or content.

The further you venture into life, the more likely you are to accept an ordinary existence. You have few people in your world willing to tell you what you need to hear.


We know what’s at stake for you. We know that you fear judgement or exclusion. We know how tempting it can be to cling to your shelter of safety. We also know how much you want to live a rewarding and fulfilled life.

We will challenge you.

We will stand for you.

We will support you, so that you can reach your dreams.

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