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'Official' Bio

Stevie Orrill runs a bespoke leadership consultancy, based in Manchester and Zurich.

When people are ready to take on a fresh challenge or move through a destructive roadblock, they call Stevie. His clients have included corporate executives, successful entrepreneurs, tenured professors, and creative artists. They all share one thing in common…. they have somewhere they want to get to.

What separates Stevie from other coaches and speakers, is his imaginative approach and straightforward honesty. He speaks from the heart. He has a low threshold for fake and has no interest in repackaging life hacking strategies that are shared widely across the internet. He spends an obscene amount of time challenging himself and regularly goes against conventional wisdom to deliver lasting results.

At the heart of Stevie’s work is a deep conviction in the possibility of human transformation. “It is change from the inside out that creates long term success and fulfilment.” Stevie relentlessly explores the most important relationship we are all attempting to master, the one with our-SELF.

Stevie has lived and worked across the globe. He was born and raised in England. He spent ten years working in the US. Today he divides his time between Manchester and Zurich.

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'Real' Bio

My name is Stevie Orrill. I’ve been beaten. I’ve had my heart broken. I’ve overcome addiction. I’ve felt lost. I’ve transformed.

I’ve coached clients who have been horrifically bullied, hidden behind unhealthy addictions, experienced financial ruin, and have sometimes felt suicidal.

I’ve also been a high-level leader, coach, and advisor for over 20 years. I’ve faced many challenges and coached many people through life changing experiences.

I was educated in the UK. I left school with very few life skills. I travelled and then lived in the US for 10 years. I worked hard to forge a successful career in the IT industry. I learned how to get really good at my job and made good living as a result. I’ve been married. And divorced. Everything I’ve done I’ve learned as I go.

Working with me, my Clients go off into the world and accomplish exceptional things

Perhaps my most profound learning, is that the road to success is not linear. Success comes at a cost. There have been occasions throughout my life when I’ve really had to dig deep. Life can be exhilarating one day and complex the next. What people witness on the outside is rarely what we experience on the inside.

I am a lifelong student of human psychology. I study my craft. I read. I observe. I participate in the most powerful experiences available on this planet. I lead from the front. All in service of of my commitment to live a happier more fulfilling life and to help others do the same.

I study my craft. I read. I observe. I lead from the front.

My deepest secret is that for as long as I can remember, I’ve felt irrelevant. And I’ve felt powerless to change it. I could appear confident on the outside while feeling broken deep inside. No matter how much I achieved, it was never enough to reverse my belief that my accomplishments ‘did not matter’.

Well, it turned out that feeling became my greatest gift in working with ambitious men and women. I have developed an innate talent that allows me to see what other people cannot see. And now I have the courage to say what most people would never say.

Working with me, my clients swiftly see who they are. They see their power. They go off into the world and accomplish exceptional things. They create extraordinary lives. And they know, with absolute clarity, that who they are what they do matters.

Desire met with Commitment curates Power

For most of human history it was sign of weakness to ask for help. Staying quiet kept us safe.


Today, the most successful people on this planet recognise that a tiny shift in perspective makes a massive difference.