Today Will Be has a purpose;

"To create a reality where people wake up every day, on-purpose, fulfilled, and in love with their life."

Hi, I'm Stevie. Today Will Be was created as a result of a major life ephimay.

I spent more than 15 years working in the corporate environment. I was well respected. I earned a half-decent salary. And I enjoyed what many onlookers saw as 'a good life'.

But everything didn't feel right. It became painfully apparent that I had veered so far from my life purpose, that I wasn't doing many things I actually enjoyed.

I didn't feel like I was in control of my life. Something had to change.

Here is my story...

I didn’t realise it at the time, but my path to connecting fearless leaders with their true purpose began when I was a small child. The importance of honouring my truth has played a recurring theme throughout my life.

Like most journeys, my path to the present was not the one I would have chosen. Challenges I experienced as a child shaped the choices I made as a young adult. Instead of searching my soul for what I really wanted to experience, I lived from a place of survival. It wasn't a concious choice.

I got pretty good at the survival game. Relationships, jobs, and wealth would all come and go.

The reality of living a life that was fear driven meant that I lacked any meaningful purpose. I was drifting through life. Eventually I hit a wall - literally and figuritively. I got sick.

My life was going down a road but I wasn't driving it. I felt stuck.

And then - as if by divine intervention - transformational tools and self empowerment teachings started to show up. "Helpers" randomly entered my life and provided timely guidance.

And so, reluctantly - kicking and screaming at first - I began a journey of self-enquiry. I peeled myself open. I reflected on my experiences and questioned much of what I had previously accepted.

I let go of unhealthy attachments including drugs and alcohol, and became addicted to strengthening my mind. My greatest desires began to feel not just possible, but readily available.

I made a commitment to myself… never to settle for a life that isn’t fully aligned with my true purpose.

My true purpose in life was always right in front of me. Any pain I had experienced, or random projects I'd attempted (often without success), were all uniquely necessary.

My entire life has been a giant training ground; presenting me with the skills and challenges that allow me to teach others how to fearlessly step into the highest expression of themselves. It's the work I was born to do.




I am an expert at taking high achievers to become the fulfilled and fearless leaders they were born to be. The difference between the two is a tiny shift in perspective. It’s also a difference that will transform your life experience form ordinary to extraordinary.

I can see very clearly and quickly what is standing between you and your fullest potential. I can see where you’re holding back. I help my clients make the tiny shifts that change everything.

Here’s where I am different, and why the results I get are sustainable....

I lived most of my life feeling disconnected from my truth. I know that without taking on the work to identify your purpose and face your fears, that whatever you create and however successful you might appear... you will feel empty, you will get bored and - most likely - you will quit when faced with a setback because you are not being pulled by a powerful vision.

I can see where you’re hiding, even when you can’t see it for yourself. I will stand for you where others have abandoned you. I will challenge you where others have been afraid to. I will take you to a place that opens the door to your fullest potential. This is where real life happens.

I help extraordinary people to fulfil their life work.

If that sounds like you, let’s talk and explore if working together is a good fit.

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Stevie is a wonderful human being who somehow manages to challenge you just enough outside your comfort zones for progress to be made, but whilst also making you laugh and smile! He was approachable, reliable, flexible, considerate, professional and genuine and I feel really grateful I had the opportunity to meet and work with him!